About Us

Hi, my name is Jason Scheff and I am a musician first and foremost. I've put together this site to offer some things I've developed to help you on your musical journey.

Here is a little bit about myself:

  • Longtime tenor lead vocalist and bass player for the band "Chicago"
  • This store is designed to make your music learning faster and easier
  • I'm based out of Nashville, TN and also spend time in Los Angeles, CA
  • I became a professional musician at the age of 14 having joined my mother's band
  • This is my first online store and I intend for us all to make it GREAT!
  • This store is a very small operation consisting of me, my wife Tracy and my kids help out from time to time
  • You can reach one of us through email - questions@schefflandmusic.com
  • You can also reach us on our Facebook page - facebook.com/jasonscheffofficial