The Store is Open!

Wow, this has been a long time coming... I have an ecommerce store. Alright!

So as many of you know, my first product was released just about a month ago, the Scheffy Tuner. It's called the Scheffy Tuner 1 because I wanted to leave room for a version 2.

Stay tuned because my 2nd product is going to be coming out soon and it goes perfectly with the tuner.

Let's rock and roll!



  • Clifford Smith

    A Scheffy coffee mug – who knew and why not? Mine’s on its way!!

  • Jax

    Dude! Time for the Scheffy Calendar 2017 – It’s all about new beginnings! Truly enjoying all the Scheffy products here and your Schennanigans as your time permits. Cheers and Kudos on the cool new show as well!

  • Kate Mullendore (kadyblue)

    Jason; Why don’t you have a Sheffy Coffee travel mug? At least a 24oz size? I travel over fifty mile to work each morning and what better watch to enjoy it but in a Sheffy Travel Mug!!!! Do you think there will be a chance you will design one? I would LOVE the photo of you singing in front of the mic. Thank you for your time and I think you ROCK!!!! You are such a sweet & nice person. Kaye

  • Francene Laubtner

    Love the Scheffy products! Cant wait to start shopping. Thank you Jason! Xo

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